The richest stars on YouTube

The richest stars on YouTubeIf you thought that people that upload funny clips on YouTube do this thing only for pleasure, you are wrong.

In the last years, the AdSense explosion and the money made from comments, views and commercials seriously increased and the funny characters on media channel increased more and more in popularity, subscribers and tops. These are the richest YouTubers and this is what they do.

Ray William Johnson became rich after his online clips. The vlogger prefers funny clips where he comments viral clips in a funny, original and intelligent way, gathering over 10 million subscribers, over 3 billion views and about 4 million dollars each year only from YouTube clips.

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Why You Should Try Affiliate Marketing

Why You Should Try Affiliate MarketingStarting a business is usually something that can be very expensive. You may end up buying thousands of dollars of equipment just to get your feet on the ground.

Brick-and-mortar businesses usually come with a lease. Also have to pay for your rent, electricity, water, and any of the other expenses that come with running a real-world store.

The Internet has made it possible for people that are aspiring entrepreneurs to actually start their very own business for very little money, or none at all. This is possible because of something called affiliate marketing Amazon .

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