The richest stars on YouTube

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The richest stars on YouTubeIf you thought that people that upload funny clips on YouTube do this thing only for pleasure, you are wrong.

In the last years, the AdSense explosion and the money made from comments, views and commercials seriously increased and the funny characters on media channel increased more and more in popularity, subscribers and tops. These are the richest YouTubers and this is what they do.

Ray William Johnson became rich after his online clips. The vlogger prefers funny clips where he comments viral clips in a funny, original and intelligent way, gathering over 10 million subscribers, over 3 billion views and about 4 million dollars each year only from YouTube clips.

Real Annoying Orange remains one of the most popular YouTube channel, gathering about 4 million dollars annually. It has almost 2 billion of views and 3 million of users, Dane Boedingheimer’s channel, focusing anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables that are fun and funny.

UberHaxorNova is another famous YouTubers that deals especially with commenting videogames and providing advice for the toughest parts of the games. The gamer has now lots of series of popular clips and has 2 millions of subscribers and over 1 billions of views. He makes about 3 million dollars out of the YouTube clips every year.

Jenna Marbles, as she is known online, is the richest female vlogger on YouTube, becoming famous due to the clip called How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking, that got 5 million views in just one week from its launch in 2010. Since then, Jenna became the most popular feminine presence in the industry, focusing usual problems, comedy and entertainment. It is estimated that she annually gains about 4 million dollars, having over 13 million subscribers and over 1,4 million views.

Also, the team BoueXephos, initially founded by Lewsi Brindley and Simon Lane, is earning annually about 6 million dollars. The guys recruited then another friends who loved playing videogames, that they now comment together, posting clip in which everyone plays popular videogames and present the parodies. They have over 2,3 million view and a total of 6 million subscribers.

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Smosh, or the shock team of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, makes nice money online with parodies after the coolest songs now and show’s soundtrack, amongst others. These two became famous thanks to a clip, a parody of Pokemon’s theme in 2008, and even if the clip was deleted after a conflict with Nintendo, the two of them remained popular on the Internet. Their income in about 6,8 million dollars annually, with over 3 billion views and over 18 million subscribers.

The richest YouTuber know is PewDiePie, a Swedish vlogger who focuses adventure and horror clips that he comments while he’s playing them. He is now one of the richest YouTubers because his estimated income is over 7 million dollars annually. He has over 28 million subscribers and over 3 billion views!

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