What is Elemental Pentagram?

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What-is-Elemental-PentagramElemental pentagram represent an amalgam of Greek symbols that have different uses and occult and alchemy explanations. But is this come from? Who created it and what the symbols on it means?

Well, symbols that are in the five corners of the pentagram are Greek elements that are marking the five basic elements.

The Greeks believed that in the world there are five basic elements. Of the five, four are natural elements – air, water, fire, earth – that make the whole world, they are represented by triangular symbols.

The fifth element, which is found in much smaller quantity, which makes it even more precious, is the soul or spirit.

Some call it the quintessential while others call it aether. To spirit has associated as a symbol a circle, given that the spirit is in itself a whole that does not really need another element to exist.

In western occult theories, the five elements are ordained in the following way – spirit, fire, air, water and earth – marking the transition from spiritual – perfect – to material or base. In some pagan or Wiccan beliefs, the five elements carries equal importance to each other.

Elemental pentagram manages to unite the five symbols, presenting them in a hierarchical form accompanied by colors corresponding to each symbol. Pentagrams had and have different explanations representing different concepts and ideas over time and since the Renaissance era, it became to be associated with the five elemental symbols.

The arrangement of the elements

The pentagram elements are arranged in a hierarchical form, marking their importance from the spiritual and rarefied to the most material. This way, the pentagram starts from the Spirit – the most rarefied and important element, passing to the fire, following the air over the water and the earth, to the lowest and most material of elements. The final line connecting the earth and the spirit makes the five elements to be in constant touch with each other.

The problem of the elemental pentagram position dates back before the five-pointed star’s association with the items, and so, the positioning pentagram pointing up or down shows great meaning. This way, if the star is with the spirit right corner up, this is the supremacy of the spiritual over the physical elements, and if the spirit is the bottom corner, this means that it is subdued by the natural forces of the world.

Since the 19th century, when the pentagram became associated with the elements, was made a distinction between positive and negative image of the five-pointed star: the star with a corner up is positive, and the one with two corners up is evil. This is not true,  because the five-pointed star symbol is used by those who do well and those who do evil in both positions.

Elemental Pentagram shows also a colour combinations with elementals it govern, this association being made since the Golden Age of mankind. The spirit gets the white colour the purest and ethereal, while the hero gets yellow, the water have blue. Red is representative for fire and earth element have green. The combination of color physical elements was taken in a number of cultures of the world, that  they’re still use it.

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