Will a wireless fence work for me

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Wireless Fence

Wireless fences are an intriguing option for many of us, and with smart reason — putting in wire around a containment space is both each time wasting and expensive. sadly, whereas they sound fantastic in theory, wireless dog fence solely work well for a minority of consumers. Here’s why…

All wireless fences emit their signal in an exceedingly revolve around the transmitter. So, to know whether a wireless fence can work for your home, you need to initial verify wherever you may enter the transmitter.

Now, draw an outsized mental circle — imagining the wireless transmitter directly within the center — that extends to the nearest fringe of your property. Unless you do not mind your dog wandering onto your neighbor’s property, that is wherever your invisible boundary can fall.


In effect, wireless fences limit you to 1 configuration possibility (a circle), simply in varied sizes (you will dial the scale of the radius up and down). So, if you have got a really big yard and you do not care what areas of the yard your dog will access, a wireless fence may fit superbly for you. If, on the opposite hand, you have got oddly-shaped yard, or if you wish to safeguard areas like pools or landscaping, a wireless dog fence seemingly will not work the way you wish it to.

In my expertise, wireless fences work best for folk with big land area and want to stay their dogs on their property. Of course, even for these of us, a wireless dog fence is not acceptable if they require their dog to possess access to their entire property, or if they require to dam areas that lie within the containment zone.

If you choose that a wireless dog fence is that the right selection for you, browse my wireless dog fence reviews on the PetSafe Wireless and Perimeter Wire-Free fences before your purchase.

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If, on the opposite hand, you think that a wireless fence isn’t your most suitable option, think about associate degree in-ground dog fence just like the PetSafe Deluxe Fence or SportDOG In-Ground Fence. I extremely suggest each of those merchandise supported their worth points and have sets.

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