Would You Quit Smoking If You Know These Facts?

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Would You Quit Smoking If You Know These Facts?There is a heavy campaign against smoking almost all over the world. Health threats are the main concern, but there are also worries related to safety and security – it’s only obvious that smokers have more chances to start a fire than nonsmokers.

But there is hardly need to write about the risks you take if you carry on with this habit – the internet, the walls of every hospital, school, even of private companies are full with information on this topic. Instead, let’s think about a couple of situations in which you might be more determined to quit this habit.

Would you quit smoking for the sake of a bet? This might actually be a very good idea especially for competitive persons. Come up with a contest between you and one or more friends of yours that are smoking: who can last longer without lighting a cigarette?

Don’t settle for a couple of hours, but bet on a number of days, weeks or even months. Take this contest seriously and be determined to win the first prize. You could even decide with your friends to buy together an actual prize for the winner.

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The latest model of play station, a weekend break at one of the best Spa centers in your area, whatever it is that would motivate you even more. You will focus on winning the contest instead of constantly thinking about the fact that you are quitting, which should make you more eager to accomplish what you want. Once you have stopped for a number of weeks or months, it will be much easier to stop all together.

What are the most effective methods to quit smoking you might ask? Check this comprehensive resource : http://bodygeek.ro/cum-ma-las-de-fumat.

Would you  if there were a prize for it? If you cannot convince your friends to make a bet, you could simply decide to save the money you would otherwise spend on dozens of packets of cigarettes for something that you want. It could be a gadget, a book, an outrageously expensive bottle of wine or maybe the trip to Disneyland or the new computer you have promised to your kids a while ago.


It has to be something that would make you really happy and proud of yourself. The main idea is to replace a target which you perceive as negative – quitting a habit that has been part of your life for years – with a positive one. You are not trying to quit something, but you are saving money for something you really want.

If that doesn’t work then we can always try one of the new methods that people use in order to quit smoking. Seeing as using nicotine gum and nicotine pills doesn’t seem to satisfy most smokers, the idea to invent a device that performs similarly to the classic cigarette lead to the invention of the electronic cigarette.

While most of the methods advertised to help people quit smoking focus on getting you passed the nicotine addiction, only the methods that involve electronic cigarettes take into account the fact that we need to get over the habit of smoking as well. That is why this alternative might be easier for many smokers.

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